About Me

Hello! My name is Žana and I help ladies looking wonderful so that they can feel confident, comfortable and great whenever they want to. And I do that through makeup.
Imagine you go to any occasion you want with a makeup which makes you feel exactly like you want to feel: to a wedding, a party, a date. How do I achieve that? My way of working is: first, asking you; then, listening to you; and finally, completing your look.
This is what I call a “BestMakeup”, because thanks to this you can feel good and confident, being who you really are. Since I’ve been into makeup and photo-shootings, I’ve learned many techniques, tricks and secrets. However, what makes me feel most proud it’s the attention I pay to you in order to do a 100% tailor-made makeup for you.
Every woman is an entire universe, with her own character, taste, needs, circumstances and wishes. And you are unique!
If you want to get your perfect “BestMakeup” to feel like you wish, contact me here now and I invite you to a cup of coffee so that we will make your tailor-made makeup anytime and anywhere.
So here I am, at your disposal.


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